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The Real-World Uses of 5G and Edge-Driven High-Speed Networks

Florian Leibert

As a cofounder and the CEO of Mesosphere, Inc., Florian (“Flo”) Leibert guides a Silicon Valley growth company that provides container-based Data Center Operating System (DC/OS) solutions. A recent ZDNet article discussed Florian Leibert’s firm with regard to a 5G paradigm that is already on the horizon.

With 5G being typified by extremely fast network speed, Mesosphere cofounder Tobi Knaup described its importance as residing in edge computing use situations. The drawback of lower speeds is that edge compute devices near the end device must be deployed for applications such as data scrubbing and cleaning, as well as optimization. This consumes significant maintenance resources, as well as outlays for the devices.

With network speeds increased, much more data aggregation is possible in high-density environments such as urban hubs and stadium events. This enables the real-time utilization of actionable edge analytics and intelligence. With reliability a central concern, this will allow the use of self-driving cars and other leading-edge technologies, even in areas with many obstacles and pedestrians.

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