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The Efficient and Scalable Mesosphere Container 2.0 Platform

Florian Leibert

A respected presence in the technology sphere, Florian Leibert heads San Francisco-headquartered Mesosphere, Inc., as CEO. Employing open source Apache Mesos technologies, Florian Leibert and his team deliver a Datacenter Operating System designed to shift enterprises in the direction of integrated applications and distributed computing.

In August 2016, Mesosphere launched Container 2.0 in tandem with partners such as Confluent, Lightbend, and DataStax. As Flo Leibert described it, the new platform goes well beyond Container 1.0 in providing shared infrastructure that enables the unified running of application logic and provision of backend services.

With Container 2.0, applications and services can be treated as “deployable objects.” Applications reliant on diverse numerous infrastructure services and encompassing hundreds of containers benefit from having workloads combined within a single platform. They also can be deployed and scaled predictably and efficiently within the datacenter.
To date, the DC/OS container orchestration platform has been successfully employed in implementing Container 2.0 solutions for major corporations, from Verizon to Time Warner Cable.

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