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Mesosphere Sponsors Sysdig’s Camp-Con-World-Fest-Summit

Florian Leibert

Florian Leibert, CEO and co-founder of Mesosphere, Inc., has designed a number of software platforms spanning from small mobile apps to large scale algorithms. In addition to building Chronos, a scheduling platform designed for job orchestration, Florian “Flo” Leibert also had a hand in designing Mesosphere’s Marathon. Mesosphere participates in a number of events each year, including Sysdig’s annual Camp-Con-World-Fest-Summit in San Francisco.

Sysdig is the creator of an open source cloud container monitoring system that functions from its own standalone container. The system simplifies the observation of containers by offering engineers increased visibility in an easy to use interface.
At the Mesosphere sponsored Camp-Con-World-Fest-Summit, container practitioners were given an opportunity to improve their container skills through hands on sessions and workshops that revolved around the theme “Containers in Operation.” All of the educational sessions discussed issues surrounding monitoring, managing, troubleshooting, and securing containers.
Speakers for the event included Sysdig CEO Loris Degioanni, Diogo Monica, a security lead for Docker, and Kelsey Hightower, a staff developer and advocate for Google Cloud Platform. Gaston Kleiman and Elizabeth K. Joseph represented Mesosphere at the event.

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