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Mesophere Expands Integrated Services, Provides Value Proposition

Florian Leibert

Florian (“Flo”) Leibert leads Mesosphere, Inc., and offers a host of data-centric business services that enable developers to operate workloads at a set price and in ways that optimize infrastructure use. As reported in SDxCentral, Florian Leibert and his team launched DC/OS 1.9 in March 2017 as an upgraded data center operating system that incorporates in excess of 100 integrated services.

These included well-established third parties such as Cassandra, Kafka, and the open-source Apache software Spark. At the same time, new data services were integrated from third parties such as DataStax, Couchbase, Alluxio, Redis Labs, and Elastic. The move was described as bolstering Mesosphere’s core value proposition of being a better provider of enterprise cloud services than Amazon Web Services (AWS).
The company’s vice president of product marketing Ed Hsu noted that Mesosphere enables companies to avoid getting locked into a specific platform “without cost control.” As an example, the Snapchat parent company Snap was paying nearly as much for public cloud services to Google as it generated in annual revenue. Through leveraging multiple platforms, Mesosphere enables customers to simply utilize the infrastructure of cloud providers rather than employing their locked-in data services.
The end result is a robust and growing customer portfolio, with four of the world’s 10 leading financial institutions, by assets, utilizing Mesosphere solutions.

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