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A Workload-Focused Data Infrastructure for Applications

Florian Leibert

An established San Francisco entrepreneur, Florian “Flo” Leibert guides Mesosphere, Inc., and provides data-centric business solutions within a unified virtual infrastructure. In a 2016 talk with the CEO of software company Datera, which is partnering with Mesosphere, Florian Leibert described his vision as one of allowing developers to run workloads at a specific price without needing to focus on the “exact cloud API” (application programming interface).

Mr. Leibert also brought focus to the distinction between the stateless and stateful parts of the container-based solutions provided by his firm. Stateful data places more stress on infrastructure. An example is the Internet of Things (IoT), in which massive amounts of data are shifted to and from various devices and interfaces.
As Mr. Leibert sees it, a significant amount of processing will soon be transitioning to the edge of the network near the data source. This is already occurring with large turbine manufacturers, which are making processing more efficient by pushing data to the edge, where it has a unified interface and can be controlled in much the same way as the cloud. Mesosphere’s flexibly defined infrastructure is essential in enabling this through “spinning up small clusters” for required tasks, with seamless replication of data allowing processing capabilities to be fully utilized.

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